Church Servicesgyuli

You are welcome at our church services on Sundays at 10:00. Let's worship God, study the Bible, pray and be in fellowship at the church!



camp1English Camp

For 15 years now we have our English Camp every Summer in Felsőtárkány for high-school kids. During this one week event there is a chance for more than 100 kids to practice their English skills. This is a good chance to talk to native speakers in small groups and have a good time in a summer camp. It is a blessing for us to meet these kids, to talk to them and to see that some of them come to our youth group. We are glad that God gives His blessing to this ministry!

Further details at or on the facebook page of the camp: Eger English Camp

Gypsy ministry at Heves

10 years ago we started Bible studies at Heves and now there is a gypsy church! Praise the Lord! We have church services there every week and we enjoy God's grace and sing with the angels when there are new believers! We give thanks to our Lord for the born again people and changed lives!


Women's ministry

We have women's ministry every month, where we study the Bible together. We are thankful that God's word is living and active and is working in our hearts and we can see the fruits of this ministry! You are always welcome!

Kid's ministrygyerekszoli

During the Sunday services we have kid's ministry in the kid's room. We believe that God want to talk to the little ones too and therefore it is important to teach them. The Gospel message is simple, even a little kid can understand that "Jesus loves you!" We would like to tell them this important message!



How good is to worship the Lord, sing praise to Him with whole heart! There is always a place in the worship team for those who love the Lord and music! If you would like to play music, practice together, you are welcome!

Prayer meetings

We believe that prayer is a special possibility to be in connection with our Lord. That's why we pray together regularly to bring our thanksgiving, joy and sorrow to Jesus and ask for guidance for our everyday lives. We look forward to seeing you at our prayer meetings!


Is is so good to know that we are not alone in the world. Jesus called us to enjoy fellowship. At these fellowship times we just hang-out, cook, hike, have coffee, do crsafts or just talk together. Come and enjoy this time with us!

Media ministry

As we live in a modern age we try to use the new technical inventions for God's glory. We make audio recordings about our church services and share them over the internet and try to share the actual informations, events and programs of our church on our website or on facebook.


hevesgyerekKids programs and clothing donations

Several times a year we have the opportunity to bless poor people in the area with clothes. We have good relationship with other organizations and with them together we can give the donations to the people in need. During these programs we have a chance to talk to people, give our testimony and pray for them! We also organize kids programs for poor kids, where we share the gospel, play with them, make some crafts and bless them with a good time!

Further ministries at the church:gyerekprog

There are a lot of opportunities at our church. If somebody wants to bless others and serve please talk to pastor Jani. If you have a good skill, if there is something in your hand - use it for God's glory! If your hands are empty then you have a wonderful chance to get something from the Lord and use that for His glory!


"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone."
Mark 16:15
"Worship the LORD with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy."
Psalm 100:2