About Us

"They continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." - Acts 2:42

Calvary Chapel Eger is a fellowship of believers who believe that the most important thing in life is to know and worship the God who created us. 
We believe that Christianity is not about rules and regulations, but about a real, personal, loving relationship with the Living God. 
We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and that He has given this to us so that by it we may know Him. This is our goal every time we gather together. 
For these reasons, our services are made up of two main parts: Worship of God with music and song, and Bible Study.

Calvary Chapel is a member of the Hungarian Evangelical Alliance.

Our History

nicknroseCalvary Chapel Eger began from a home Bible study which started in winter of 2003, and since March 2005 we have been holding Sunday church services. In 2002, Nick Cady, who at that time was living in Debrecen, serving in the Calvary Chapel there, felt God calling him to plant a church in Eger. He began praying that God would create relationships in Eger and traveled to the city to pray and seek God's will. After getting to know some local Christians, a small group began meeting in a home to worship and study the Bible on Wednesday nights. God has blessed this group and it was growing and in March 2005, Nick and his wife Rosemary moved to Eger to serve full time. Our church was established on Easter Sunday in March 2005.

In November 2005 the church moved to a school building, later to NIVÁK and than to the Kálvin House, where we have now our church services. During this time, God strengthened our fellowship and new people began attending - new believers and Christians who did not belong to any other church.


hernadiekOne of them was János Hernádi, who has been part of the church since the beginning. He and his wife Tünde were baptized in this church and few years ago János became and elder. During the years God has prepared him to be a pastor and on 22. January 2012 he took over the leading of the church from Nick Cady.

We feel so blessed to be part of this church, which has many committed and kind people, who want to serve and worship God with their lives.

We believe that a new period starts now founded in God, and that the Lord wants to bless us and use us for the building up of His kingdom, and that this would continue to be a place where people can meet with God and with other people who love Him.


We look forward to seeing you anytime you are in the area!